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Townsville power station is a 220 MW combine cycle power station located at Yabulu in Nth Queensland. It comprises a single one gas turbine, a heat recovery steam generator and a single steam turbine. The g as Turbine was installed 1998 and waste heat recovery section added in 2005.

Oracle Engineering are providing engineering services to the owners (Ratch Australia ) on a number of the project at this plant

Controls Upgrade

The control system for Gas Turbine is a Siemens Teleperm XP (S5), SIMADYN S5 and 95F and the control system for Steam portion Siemens PCS7. Both of these control system will become obsolete (in the short term) and hence an upgrade is necessary to ensure continuity of hardware and software support. Oracle are providing engineering services to the owner covering the upgrade and migration of the system to a current Siemens SPPA T3000 system

Remaining Life Study

Recently (early 2013) the operating mode for this plant has changed from base load (continuous operation) to 'on demand' (intermittent or cycling) operation. This change has a serious impact on the life of the plant and therefore an assessment of the condition (theoretical and actual) of the waste heat recovery section is required. Oracle are undertaking a remaining life study of the HRSG and steam piping including issues such as flow assisted corrosion

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Yabulu, QLD
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