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During the very early stages of this project (mid 2001) Oracle Engineering were retained to review and optimise the design of the steam and power plants for this project. There are two distinct power plants being installed as part of the overall Goro Nickel project, the larger is a coal fired utility plant of 2 x 50MW generators the other an oil fired process steam and power plant. Provision of engineering services to Goro Nickel evolved from the initial review / optimisation of the thermal energy and power balance of these plants through to providing a complete engineering package for the process steam power plant. This process steam power plant comprises

  • 3 x 85tph oil fired boilers (6400 kPag & 485 Deg C), each with a flue gas scrubber for particulate and SO2 removal.
  • 2 x 20MW steam turbines, with controlled extraction and admission steam systems.
  • Exhaust steam condensing system and cooling towers.
  • Microfiltration (4 x 170m3/hr trains) and demineralised (3 x 155m3/hr trains) water treatment plants.
  • Boiler feed water system, HP feed pumps, deaerator, condensate system.
  • MP steam system, contaminated steam from the HPAL process is converted to clean steam thru a series of evaporators. The steam is then used by the process or as admission steam to the turbine and the 'dirty' condensate returned to the process.
  • Integrated steam system with pressure reducing and desuperheating station for MP an LP process steam requirements and turbine bypass systems.
  • HV & LV electrical systems, transformers, switchrooms, motor control centres etc.
  • Heavy Fuel Oil storage and distribution system, pumping and heating unit.

Engineering services provided covered all disciplines, process / thermal design, plant and equipment layouts, technical specifications for all equipment, all mechanical design and drafting, structural and civil - design and drafting, high voltage and general electrical, controls and instrumentation. This project is unusual in that the plant is being constructed off site in very large modules before being shipped to site for final installation. Design of the various structures had to incorporate provisions for heavy lifts and all drawings etc were provided on a modular basis.

More recently the package boilers were upgraded to meet revised emission levels for Nox, Sox, particulate and CO.  This involved retrofitting new fans and particulate scrubbers; modifying the economiser to install selective catalytic reduction equipment; adding an anhydrous ammonia storage and distribution system for injecting ammonia into the boiler furnace and flue gas stream.

On the accompanying pages are photograph's large modules being lifted for transportation to the site.

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