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Oracle Engineering is an Australian engineering consulting company established in 1989. Oracle has extensive expertise in engineering, project management, business management and administration, product development and marketing. The proprietors maintain a high profile with many years experience and contacts in both the business and government sectors in Australia and countries in the Asia region.


Energy use analysis or review and efficiency auditing
Determining the most efficient conversion of fuel to heat, steam and power for a particular application
Design of piping systems and pressure vessels
Detailed design of heat exchangers such as feed water economisers and condensers
Detailed design of high voltage interconnection protection systems and medium voltage motor control centres
Configuration and integration of plant wide digital control systems


Defining and modelling your process total energy requirements to determine the optimum solution(s) for providing that energy
Advancing the project from the conceptual stage by producing detailed plans, drawings and specifications for the installation
Total project and contract management including assisting your procurement section by producing specifications and recommendations for major hardware components
Technical and engineering support during the construction phase
Total commissioning of the installation and optimisation of operation after commissioning
On going technical support to ensure efficient running of the plant in the long term
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